Mandrake Armory Spear Tip Kit Assembly


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Four (4) layers of die cut foam(3”diameter), three with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), two (2) 1-1/4 PVC end caps and 10” strip of nylon webbing.


Equipment Needed -

Scissors, Fiberglass tape, and duct tape, contrasting colored tape, (glue is optional if you want to use it to attach the PVC cap to the Fiberglass pole).


Directions -

1. Remove the paper from the PSA and stack the foam together. Place the softest foam at the tip and the odd shaped foam at the base. The circular pieces of foam stack from the thickest to the thinnest. This last layer has a hold for the PVC cap to fit into and an extension for a shield hook. Use care when stacking them together as the PSA will grip upon contact.

2. Glue or tape with Fiberglass tape the PVC cap onto the end of your Fiberglass spear shaft. If you are using this kit with a Rattan spear you may skip this, as the cap is only required on Fiberglass spears.

3. Insert the PVC cap into the foam tip. Use strapping tape to secure the foam thrusting-tip to the Fiberglass shaft.

4. Lay the nylon webbing along the bottom of the shield hook and down the shaft of the fiberglass. Taping it in place liberally will reinforce the hook.

5. Cover the tip with duct tape and mark the point with a contrasting color.

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